IMP/IMP-M Series
Single Phase, 36-100 Watts, or 150-600 Watts, 120 or 277VAC

These are emergency Micro-inverters, designed to automatically monitor the incoming AC supply and automatically connect the load to an emergency AC inverter power source and run the connected load for a maximum of 90 minutes during a power failure. Upon restoration of the normal power, the unit will automatically reconnect the load to the normal power source and recharge the battery. These units may or may not be furnished with an optional DC voltmeter, AV voltmeter, or DC ammeter. See model number Matrix.

Compact and efficient, the IMP series inverter from IEP Systems is a line of reliable lighting inverter that is simple to install and maintain. Suitable for providing emergency power to individual lighting fixture or a small branch lighting circuit.

Capacity: 36-100  or 150-600 Watts/VA
Input: 120V or 277V
Output: 120V or 277V
Efficiency: Over 98% on normal
Charging: Per UL924 utilizing a multi-stage charger to prolong battery life
Labels: Listed to UL924. Compliant with NFPA 101 and NEC.
Construction: Cold-rolled steel finished with electrostatic powder coat to prevent corrosion.
Warranty: Electronic – 1 year standard
Runtime: 90 minutes minimum on standard configuration. Consult factory for other runtime.
Battery type: VRLA
Battery protection:
  • LVD – low voltage discharge to prevent excessive discharge.
  • 7 years pro-rated
  • Optional extended warranty available
 Temperature rating:  0 – 40 °C (32 – 104 °F)
Weight: Starting at 50 lbs (installed weight – typical for 300 watt, standard configuration)